Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House Reopens

After being closed for some time for renovations & restoration, Frank Lloyd Wright’s epic Hollyhock House is open again to the public. The other week they had a special grand re-opening event where the house was open to the public for free, all night. Naturally, I had to go!

There were throngs and throngs of people who turned out, and it was very exciting to me that standing in line to see great architecture could be such a popular event for a Friday night in Los Angeles. Angelenos love architecture, and their enthusiasm was on display that night. The downside was that the event’s organizers were, by their own admission, unprepared for, and overwhelmed by, the huge turnout. It kind of leaves one to wonder what they did expect, but that’s a discussion for another time and place. The house looked great, and that’s really the main thing.

So, without further ado, here’s what I saw. For reference, here is a floor plan with the area open to the public for the event colored in red. North is to the left in this plan. Click any image to open full-size in a new tab.

Hollyhock House Plan


Hollyhock House Living Room
Looking into the Living Room from the Loggia.


Hollyhock House Fireplace
A better view of the fireplace. I love how the asymmetrical design carved into the limestone of the fireplace stands in such contrast to the strictly symmetrical carved hollyhock motif you see throughout the house.
Hollyhock House Vestibule
The little vestibule space between the Living Room and Library. Notice how compressed the ceiling is compared to the Living Room.


Hollyhock House Loggia Detail
Carved hollyhock motif and leaded glass detail, looking from the Loggia towards the Living Room.


Walking around outside the house at night was pretty neat, too. The whole house is cordoned off behind a chain link security fence, which is understandable, although it’s a real shame at the same time. Still, I think I managed to get a few photos that convey some of the special qualities of the house.


Hollyhock House East Elevation Night
The east elevation at night; this is the opposite side of the house from the portion that was open on the tour. I think this is my favorite exterior view of the house. Its dynamic asymmetry reminds me of the fireplace carving.



Hollyhock House East Pool Night
Another view of the east side of the house, from the north.


Hollyhock House Exterior Night
The southeast corner of the house, looking north. This is looking towards the room marked “Nursery” in the upper right hand corner of the plan.


Hollyhock House Exterior Night 2
View of the northeast corner of the house, looking towards the south. This is actually a closeup of a monumental, hollyhock-themed planter sitting in what is now a paved patio/parking area, with the house behind.


As I said, the house looked really great. I look forward to going back when I can spend more time and see it in the daylight. For more information about visiting the house, check out their website here.

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