Oxford Square: Master Bath Custom Tile

As things wrap up at Oxford Square, there are a few more elements of the project to be shared here. Completion of the patio and back yard is still pending, and it could still be several weeks before we have the whole place professionally photographed. Meanwhile, there is still a lot to be excited about here at The Blog! These are still just my non-professional snapshots, so please forgive the amateur awkwardness of some of the images.

The guest bath tile got a little bit of a preview here. Prior to renovation, the guest bath was the one and only bath in the house.This week I want to look at the master bath, which was a completely new bath that we added to the house.

The master bath has a simple horizontal vanity, anchored by a taller storage cupboard on the right, and a tiled bench running the length of the room on the left. In the photo below, there will be a large mirror mounted in the blank space between the medicine cabinet and tall wooden storage cabinet.

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Oxford Square Tile Backsplash

I stopped by our Oxford Square project today and a lot of the beautiful finishes I hoped to get more pictures of were covered up for protection, as they finish up painting. I was able to get a couple of shots of the installation of the kitchen tile backsplash though, and it’s pretty exciting.

Parson Architecture Los Angeles Modern Oxford Square Construction Arto Tile
The beautiful birch cabinets are all covered up for protection. Soon to be unwrapped, though!

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Construction Update: Oxford Square

We have an exciting project under construction right now, and if you follow us on Facebook, you might have seen a few photos that we’ve shared lately. The project is in the Oxford Square neighborhood of Los Angeles, in an unassuming, boxy little one-story home from the 1920’s.

Parson Architecture Oxford Square Historic HPOZ Modern Renovation
Front of the Oxford Square house.

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John Lautner’s Malin House “Chemosphere” 1960

Since we’re on a roll with discussions of Lautner in our Building of the Week series, we’re just going to keep on rolling. The other year when the MAK had their tour, after visiting the Harpel House (see last week’s BOTW installment) it seemed appropriate to walk up the street and have a nice view of the Chemosphere House. Here you can see them from Google Earth, with the hexagonally-based Harpel House appearing as the long white bar in the lower right, and the octagonal Chemosphere to the left.

Parson Architecture Blog Lautner Chemosphere

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John Lautner’s Harpel House, 1956

The next house in our series on John Lautner is the Harpel House.  Nine years after the Jacobsen House, we can see that structure is clearly a major theme in John Lautner’s work. Harpel displays his ongoing interest in developing a fully integrated and expressed structural system, for each project, as an important architectural value.

Harpel is located a few miles west of the Jacobsen House, just down Mulholland and on the opposite side about a block. From the road, there is a long driveway that goes uphill to a level pad where the house sits. You can get a pretty clear picture of the siting of the house from the Google Satellite view:

Parson Architecture Blog John Lautner Harpel House

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