Sarasota House Construction Update: Week 4

Where the Wild Things Are Edition

They continued to work on the building pad this week. Apparently some of the local wildlife have re-emerged in the aftermath of the site-clearing activities.

Parson Architecture Sarasota House Site
Deer tracks

In other news, they’ve added a gate at the end of the driveway to discourage uninvited sightseeing.

Parson Architecture Sarasota House Site

The view down the driveway from the road has exactly the meandering-through-the-forest feel we were hoping for:

Parson Architecture Sarasota House Site

Another view of the building pad. The big V-shaped tree will be a focal point from the kitchen windows. Terribly exciting!

Parson Architecture Sarasota House Site

Parson Architecture Sarasota House Site
Described by the Ampersand guys as “really big” raccoon tracks!

As always, shout out to the team at Ampersand Construction, our general contractor.

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